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HMscConstraintCheck Class Reference

#include <constraint_syntax.h>

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Public Member Functions

 HMscConstraintCheck (const std::string &local="constraints checker, local constrains", const std::string &first_find="constraints checker, first find with")
 ~HMscConstraintCheck ()
bool check_copy (HMscPtr hmsc)
 Checks whether hmsc satisfy deadlock free property. More...
void on_white_node_found (ReferenceNode *)
void on_gray_node_found (ReferenceNode *)
void on_black_node_found (ReferenceNode *)
void on_node_finished (ReferenceNode *)
void cleanup_attributes ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from WhiteRefNodeFoundListener
virtual ~WhiteRefNodeFoundListener ()
virtual void on_white_node_found (HMscNode *n)
- Public Member Functions inherited from WhiteNodeFoundListener
virtual ~WhiteNodeFoundListener ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from GrayRefNodeFoundListener
virtual ~GrayRefNodeFoundListener ()
virtual void on_gray_node_found (HMscNode *n)
- Public Member Functions inherited from GrayNodeFoundListener
virtual ~GrayNodeFoundListener ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from BlackRefNodeFoundListener
virtual ~BlackRefNodeFoundListener ()
virtual void on_black_node_found (HMscNode *n)
- Public Member Functions inherited from BlackNodeFoundListener
virtual ~BlackNodeFoundListener ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from RefNodeFinishedListener
virtual ~RefNodeFinishedListener ()
virtual void on_node_finished (HMscNode *n)
- Public Member Functions inherited from NodeFinishedListener
virtual ~NodeFinishedListener ()

Protected Member Functions

void mark_time_relations (const TimeRelationRefNodePtrSet &)
 Marking functions to highlight (set_marked(true)) in visio. More...
void mark_time_relation (TimeRelationRefNode *)

Private Member Functions

void add_local_active_constraints (ReferenceNode *n)
 add global set of open time constraints to the ReferenceNode More...
TimeRelationRefNodePtrSet get_local_active_constraints (ReferenceNode *n)
 get set of local active constraints from ReferenceNode More...
void set_first_find_with (TimeRelationRefNode *n, ReferenceNodePtr ref)
ReferenceNodePtr get_first_find_with (TimeRelationRefNode *n)
void check_active_set (ReferenceNode *n, TimeRelationRefNodePtrSet set)
void pick_up_broken_rel ()

Private Attributes

std::string m_local_active_constraints
 attr of local set of constraints More...
std::string m_first_find_with
std::stack< MscElement * > to_be_clean
 attr of TimeRelation, RefNode first find with More...
std::set< TimeRelationRefNodePtrm_active_constraints
 global set of active constrains More...
HMscDuplicator m_duplicator
std::set< TimeRelationRefNodePtrm_broken_rel
HMscPtr m_hmsc

Detailed Description

Definition at line 111 of file constraint_syntax.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

HMscConstraintCheck::HMscConstraintCheck ( const std::string local = "constraints checker, local constrains",
const std::string first_find = "constraints checker, first find with" 

Definition at line 125 of file constraint_syntax.cpp.

HMscConstraintCheck::~HMscConstraintCheck ( )

Definition at line 151 of file constraint_syntax.h.

References cleanup_attributes().

Member Function Documentation

void HMscConstraintCheck::add_local_active_constraints ( ReferenceNode n)

add global set of open time constraints to the ReferenceNode

BEGIN attribute handler

Definition at line 132 of file constraint_syntax.cpp.

References m_active_constraints, m_local_active_constraints, MscElement::set_attribute(), and to_be_clean.

Referenced by on_white_node_found().

void HMscConstraintCheck::check_active_set ( ReferenceNode n,
TimeRelationRefNodePtrSet  constraint_set 

updating global set of active constraints (m_active_constraints) constraints with the equal begin and end reference node are ignored WHITENODE function

Definition at line 182 of file constraint_syntax.cpp.

References m_active_constraints, and set_first_find_with().

Referenced by on_white_node_found().

bool HMscConstraintCheck::check_copy ( HMscPtr  hmsc)

Checks whether hmsc satisfy deadlock free property.

Definition at line 328 of file constraint_syntax.cpp.

References m_broken_rel, m_hmsc, mark_time_relations(), and pick_up_broken_rel().

Referenced by ConstraintsChecker::on_new_inner_hmsc_found().

void HMscConstraintCheck::cleanup_attributes ( void  )
ReferenceNodePtr HMscConstraintCheck::get_first_find_with ( TimeRelationRefNode n)
TimeRelationRefNodePtrSet HMscConstraintCheck::get_local_active_constraints ( ReferenceNode n)
void HMscConstraintCheck::mark_time_relation ( TimeRelationRefNode relation)

Definition at line 172 of file constraint_syntax.cpp.

References MARKED, and MscElement::set_marked().

Referenced by mark_time_relations().

void HMscConstraintCheck::mark_time_relations ( const TimeRelationRefNodePtrSet relations)

Marking functions to highlight (set_marked(true)) in visio.

Definition at line 165 of file constraint_syntax.cpp.

References mark_time_relation().

Referenced by check_copy().

void HMscConstraintCheck::on_black_node_found ( ReferenceNode n)
void HMscConstraintCheck::on_gray_node_found ( ReferenceNode n)
void HMscConstraintCheck::on_node_finished ( ReferenceNode n)
void HMscConstraintCheck::on_white_node_found ( ReferenceNode n)
void HMscConstraintCheck::pick_up_broken_rel ( )
void HMscConstraintCheck::set_first_find_with ( TimeRelationRefNode n,
ReferenceNodePtr  ref 

Definition at line 148 of file constraint_syntax.cpp.

References m_first_find_with, MscElement::set_attribute(), and to_be_clean.

Referenced by check_active_set().

Member Data Documentation

std::set<TimeRelationRefNodePtr> HMscConstraintCheck::m_active_constraints
std::set<TimeRelationRefNodePtr> HMscConstraintCheck::m_broken_rel
HMscDuplicator HMscConstraintCheck::m_duplicator

Definition at line 122 of file constraint_syntax.h.

std::string HMscConstraintCheck::m_first_find_with
HMscPtr HMscConstraintCheck::m_hmsc

Definition at line 124 of file constraint_syntax.h.

Referenced by check_copy(), and pick_up_broken_rel().

std::string HMscConstraintCheck::m_local_active_constraints

attr of local set of constraints

Definition at line 118 of file constraint_syntax.h.

Referenced by add_local_active_constraints(), cleanup_attributes(), and get_local_active_constraints().

std::stack<MscElement*> HMscConstraintCheck::to_be_clean

attr of TimeRelation, RefNode first find with

stack of items with atribute

Definition at line 120 of file constraint_syntax.h.

Referenced by add_local_active_constraints(), cleanup_attributes(), and set_first_find_with().

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