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MaximalEventsInitiator Class Reference

#include <race_checker.h>

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Public Member Functions

 MaximalEventsInitiator (VisualClosureInitiator *vis_initiator=NULL, CausalClosureInitiator *caus_initiator=NULL, InstanceIdMarker *instance_marker=NULL, const std::string &events_greater_attribute="maximal_events_greater", const std::string &events_less_attribute="maximal_events_less")
ExtremeEventsget_events_greater (BMsc *b)
ExtremeEventsget_events_less (BMsc *b)
void on_white_node_found (ReferenceNode *node)
void cleanup_attributes ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from MinimalEventsInitiator
 MinimalEventsInitiator (VisualClosureInitiator *vis_initiator=NULL, CausalClosureInitiator *caus_initiator=NULL, InstanceIdMarker *instance_marker=NULL, const std::string &events_attribute="minimal_events")
virtual ~MinimalEventsInitiator ()
ExtremeEventsget_events (BMsc *b)
- Public Member Functions inherited from WhiteRefNodeFoundListener
virtual ~WhiteRefNodeFoundListener ()
virtual void on_white_node_found (HMscNode *n)
- Public Member Functions inherited from WhiteNodeFoundListener
virtual ~WhiteNodeFoundListener ()

Protected Attributes

std::string m_events_less_attribute
- Protected Attributes inherited from MinimalEventsInitiator
std::string m_events_attribute
BMscPList m_modified_bmscs

Detailed Description

Stands for mechanism for computation of MaxP

MaxP is used to compute new Footprint f2 of the old Footprint f1 concatenated with some BMsc b. Events in MaxP of b replace Events of f1 on the same instances and becomes members of new Footprint f2.

When computing new Footprint it is neccessary to find relation between Events in f1 and Events in MaxP of b in case there is some Event from f1 which belongs to new f2 too. This listener prepares structure for this purpose too.

Details are described in Lemma 15 of the article.

Definition at line 97 of file race_checker.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

MaximalEventsInitiator::MaximalEventsInitiator ( VisualClosureInitiator vis_initiator = NULL,
CausalClosureInitiator caus_initiator = NULL,
InstanceIdMarker instance_marker = NULL,
const std::string events_greater_attribute = "maximal_events_greater",
const std::string events_less_attribute = "maximal_events_less" 

Definition at line 107 of file race_checker.h.

References m_events_less_attribute.

Member Function Documentation

void MaximalEventsInitiator::cleanup_attributes ( void  )
ExtremeEvents& MaximalEventsInitiator::get_events_greater ( BMsc b)
ExtremeEvents & MaximalEventsInitiator::get_events_less ( BMsc b)
void MaximalEventsInitiator::on_white_node_found ( ReferenceNode node)

Member Data Documentation

std::string MaximalEventsInitiator::m_events_less_attribute

Definition at line 102 of file race_checker.h.

Referenced by get_events_less(), and MaximalEventsInitiator().

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