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TightenBMsc Class Reference

#include <tightening.h>

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Public Member Functions

 TightenBMsc (BMscPtr bmsc)
ConstBMscMatrixPair tighten_msc (MscTimeIntervalSetD)
 tight BMsc due to interval More...

Static Public Member Functions

static ConstBMscMatrixPair tight (BMscPtr bmsc, MscTimeIntervalSetD interval)

Private Member Functions

bool is_leq (Event *e, Event *f)
MscTimeIntervalSetD get_max_interval (BMscIntervalSetMatrix)
ConstBMscMatrixPair max_tightener (BMscIntervalSetMatrix, MscTimeIntervalSetD)
 tightens interval and matrix according to each other More...

Private Attributes

BMscPtr m_bmsc
BMscIntervalSetMatrix m_matrix
EventTopologyHandler m_event_top
AllReachableEventPVector m_events
MinimalEventPList m_mins
MaximalEventPList m_maxs

Detailed Description

Definition at line 41 of file tightening.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

TightenBMsc::TightenBMsc ( BMscPtr  bmsc)

Definition at line 65 of file tightening.h.

Member Function Documentation

MscTimeIntervalSetD TightenBMsc::get_max_interval ( BMscIntervalSetMatrix  bmsc_matrix)
bool TightenBMsc::is_leq ( Event e,
Event f 

Definition at line 53 of file tightening.h.

References m_event_top, and EventTopologyHandler::visual_is_leq().

Referenced by max_tightener().

ConstBMscMatrixPair TightenBMsc::max_tightener ( BMscIntervalSetMatrix  t_matrix,
MscTimeIntervalSetD  interval 
static ConstBMscMatrixPair TightenBMsc::tight ( BMscPtr  bmsc,
MscTimeIntervalSetD  interval 

Definition at line 73 of file tightening.h.

References tighten_msc().

ConstBMscMatrixPair TightenBMsc::tighten_msc ( MscTimeIntervalSetD  interval)

tight BMsc due to interval

Definition at line 42 of file tightening.cpp.

References IntervalMatrixFunc::is_equal(), m_bmsc, m_matrix, and max_tightener().

Referenced by tight().

Member Data Documentation

BMscPtr TightenBMsc::m_bmsc

Definition at line 45 of file tightening.h.

Referenced by tighten_msc().

EventTopologyHandler TightenBMsc::m_event_top

Definition at line 47 of file tightening.h.

Referenced by is_leq().

AllReachableEventPVector TightenBMsc::m_events

Definition at line 48 of file tightening.h.

Referenced by max_tightener().

BMscIntervalSetMatrix TightenBMsc::m_matrix

Definition at line 46 of file tightening.h.

Referenced by tighten_msc().

MaximalEventPList TightenBMsc::m_maxs

Definition at line 51 of file tightening.h.

Referenced by get_max_interval(), and max_tightener().

MinimalEventPList TightenBMsc::m_mins

Definition at line 50 of file tightening.h.

Referenced by get_max_interval(), and max_tightener().

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