Basic Overview

The Sequence Chart Studio (scstudio) is a user-friendly drawing and verification tool for Message Sequence Charts (basic MSC, HMSC) and UML Sequence Diagrams. It provides several verification algorithms and offers an open interface for additional modules. The graphical front-end is implemented as a Microsoft Visio add-on, but integration with other applications is possible.

The Sequence Chart Studio enables users of Microsoft Visio 2003/2007 to:

  • Draw basic MSC: line instances, messages, coregions, general ordering, time constraints and measurements
  • Draw HMSC: references, conditions, connections
  • Export and import the ITU-T Z.120 textual format (.mpr)
  • Perform graphical syntax verification
  • Execute verification algorithms: detect deadlock/livelock, detect cycles, race conditions and universal boundedness
  • Determine probability distribution of time constraints using Monte Carlo simulation
  • Develop proprietary stencils and verification/export modules




The software is freely available under LGPL via SourceForge.

The Sequence Chart Studio was created as a joint project of ANF DATA spol. s r.o. and the research center Institute for Theoretical Computer Science (ITI), Faculty of Informatics, Masaryk University.

Source Code

To obtain the source code, please refer to the archive scstudio-src-version.tar.gz in the folder of current version (see the links above).

Source codes from the current development branch may be checked out from the SVN Repository.

Health of the main development version is periodically checked by CDash.