To keep the code clear and readable it is necessary to follow basic C++ coding standards.

Source codes must hold uniform visual style.

Uniform name rules

  • Files ends with *.cpp or *.h
  • Names of classes, structures and typedefs without "_", first letter is big, e.g. MyClass
  • Names of variables, functions and methods : with "_", all letters are small
  • Global variables begin with "g_"
  • Macros : all letter big, with "_", e.g. MY_MACRO

Uniform offset rules

  • Braces "{","}" must lie on single emtpy line
  • No tabulators
  • Offset is two spaces

Uniform comments rules

  • Only in english!
  • The comments for classes and functions are before its definition in *.h file
  • Hold Doxygen conventions.


  • The path in #include must be relative to "src/" and can not contain ".."
  • Only explixit namespace, no "using namespace"
  • By using pointers it is suitable to use smart pointers